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Renderings Of BofA's "Gift Box" Pop-Up, Revealed!

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Whoa—Bank of America wasn't kidding around when they decided to plop a gigantic glass and steel gift box on the corner of 36th Street and Fifth Avenue. Here's a rendering of what the thing will look like when it's completed. For fun, you can compare that with this shot of the site taken today by an obsessed reader.

The gift box will have capacity for up to 300 people and will only be up for 10 days (!) beginning November 23rd. Here are some of the services that will be rendered there free of charge (per press materials):

· Free gift wrapping services

· Free concierge (providing access to the city's hottest tickets, tours and dining experiences)

· Free hot chocolate and coffee

· Free digital greeting cards (for Internet posting and sharing) with accompanying still shots

· Family room styled seating areas (to rest weary bones)

· Children's arts, crafts and play area (to entertain and occupy our little ones)

· Public restrooms, ATM-cash access, banking reps, daily entertainers and more

· Soup kitchen for the homeless

Just kidding about that last one! But there will be some sort of charity give-away for the Make-A-Wish foundation, so it's not solely a giant ad for BofA's BankAmericard.
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