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LES Pathmark To Be Replaced By Skyscraper

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The day before yesterday, we printed a reader-submitted tip about the supposed shuttering of the Pathmark Supermarket at 227 Cherry Street between Rutgers Slip and Pike Slip (located in the farthest reaches of the Lower East Side). Our source stated that the grocery store would be replaced by a Trump tower. Today, the plot thickens as the Downtown Express investigates the rumor. The paper states that most store employees had not been told that the market was closing, but that "Richard Savner, Pathmark’s spokesperson...did not dispute that the store’s contractors were making preparations for a new building at 227 Cherry St." If—or rather, when—the store closes, a lot of locals will be very, very put out. There's no official word yet as to Trump actually being involved in the project, but if he is, this is definitely happening, as the man does get what he wants.
UPDATE: Curbed stumbles upon a PDF sales brochure for the Pathmark site, which includes two proposals for what could be done with the land. In both, the Pathmark remains open. Click through for more on the story, which is obviously developing hard.
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