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Tiffany To Sweeten Up Fidi With Free Cookies And Coffee Wednesday

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Jewelry store Tiffany is not taking the opening of its Wall Street store lightly. The retailer has a grand event planned for the shop's unveiling on Wednesday, October 10th. At 11am that morning, they'll ring the NY Stock Exchange opening bell, after which Tiffany reps will give traders (who will probably be their best downtown customers) shopping bags filled with blue-and-white cookies and branded water. Then, according to the PR materials sent to the Racked Inbox, "Street musicians will serenade with MoonRiver on corners all over the financial district." But that's not all—in a move reminiscent of Hermès' free ice cream carts, Tiffany will be giving away free coffee, cookies and newspapers on various FiDi street corners. Baked into one lucky cookie will be a diamond ring. Kidding! This isn't Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we're talking about.



Jeweler paints the town blue in celebration of opening in historic building at 37 Wall Street

WHO: Tiffany & Co. Wall Street
WHEN: Wednesday, October 10, 11 a.m. Founding Ceremony
WHERE: 37 Wall Street
WHAT: Tiffany rings NYSE opening bell, followed by a Founding Ceremony with Chairman and CEO Michael J. Kowalski and additional remarks by Deputy Mayor Daniel L. Doctoroff.

Early that morning, Tiffany paints the town blue: Tiffany banner will hang from NYSE. Traders will receive Tiffany shopping bags with branded water and Tiffany Blue-and-white cookies. Street musicians will serenade with MoonRiver on corners all over the financial district. Coffee carts with Tiffany Blue® umbrellas will dispense free coffee and cookies. Free newspapers will also be handed out and models in Tiffany jewelry will make their glamorous presence known on the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan.

Tiffany will be the building’s exclusive retailer, with an 11,000-square-foot store. Constructed in 1907, the 25-story, Beaux Arts-style building is a significant example of early skyscrapers in Manhattan. The original façade, 35-foot ceilings, marble walls, crown moldings and carved cornice columns have undergone extensive restoration according to State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) guidelines. Within this classic setting, Yabu Pushelberg, an architectural design firm, has designed a modern environment of glass and light that reflects the brilliance of Tiffany’s famous diamonds, with a 75-feet-long floating sculpture by renowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer.

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Tiffany & Co.

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