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Next Stop For Marc Jacobs: West 4th And Bank

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Marc Jacobs really has a vision for the West Village. Unfortunately for residents of the neighborhood, that vision is streets lined with Marc Jacobs boutiques. His latest target is a space on West 4th and Bank Street. Of course, we've mentioned this rumor before, but today, more proof surfaces. From a tipster:

It's true - the lease was signed on the property at West 4th & Bank. Apparently MJ won't be making any remodeling changes to the existing structure, which is why it was so desirable to the company - and why they're paying quite the premium on it. I don't think the neighbors, or the landlord are ready for the chaos of cheap trinkets MJ plans on installing. Not even Sex and the City filming in the salon could have saved it. There goes the neighborhood and one of the nicest, sweetest blocks in the city.
The space that Marc will be occupying is currently home to the Jason Croy Salon at 310 West 4th Street, which we just found out is relocating in a week or two. Question: What could Marc Jacobs, who already has four boutiques nearby on Bleecker Street, want with another space? Seriously, the Racked editorial department is curious. Got any ideas? Leave 'em in the comments.
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