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Secret Weapons: Frankie Steinz's Halloween Emporium

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It's t-minus two days to Halloween, and if the consumer-grade solutions at Ricky's aren't working for you, do read on. For those willing to spend about the price of a good dress for an outfit for just one night, we bring you Frankie Steinz’s shop in Soho. The former accountant turned costume designer has racks of wares that are rented out for big budget shoots. She was the secret weapon behind the best dressed boldfaced names at last week's Central Park Conservancy’s “visions”-themed black tie ball and Allison Sarofim’s surrealist-themed bacchanalia (which drew the fashionista flock of Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Douglas Hannant, Alvin Valley, and Cynthia Rowley, pictured right, in her own design). Steinz is also dressing a bunch of celebs attending Bette Midler’s Hulaween gala to benefit city parks on Wed at the Waldorf. Rental prices, which do not include invites to these bashes, range from $195-$395—or roughly the price of one Prada boot. —Deb Schoeneman
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Bonus Halloween Style Tip: It is not okay to repeat a costume in consecutive years in the same city, though repetition at consecutive parties in the same year/city is permissible. Cynthia Rowley, if we see you in a cake hat next year, points will be deducted.