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Forbes 400: Ralph Lauren Makes the Cut, Marc Jabobs Doesn't

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Every now and then we like to check in with the Forbes 400: The Richest People in America list—out a month, giving us the time needed to digest—and fantasize about a single billionaire or long lost relative in there who might be able to support our shopping habit. (There’s Daniel Ziff, but he’s dated too many women we know). Of course, all big city gals know that the price of dating a rich man tends to outweigh the benefits and there's practically zero chance of a secret inheritance windfall, but still, it’s a fun game. The shopping magnates ranked high as usual this year. Ralph Lauren (right) clocked in at $4.7 billion; Victoria’s Secret overlord Leslie Wexner at $2.8 billion, and the 4 Waltons of Walmart each have at least $16 billion. No sign of Marc Jacobs on this list. Yet.

Now, call us crazy, but there’s something weird going on in the list this year. In a bunch of entries, this happens: “(see).” It seems like someone forgot to insert the page numbers for the corresponding photos. The web site, thankfully, doesn't have the problem. A call is in to editor Matthew Miller. Stay tuned for the update. —Deb Schoeneman
· Forbes 400: The Richest People in America [Forbes]

Update: Editor Matthew Miller called to say they've been doing the (see) thing for 25 years to save room: "Whenever you see 'see' next to someone's name, it means that person is also on the list." It still seems a bit confusing, but let's move on.

Photo credit: CFDA