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FW: Me and Ro Isn't at 407 Broome Street

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From: [a shopper]
Date: Monday, October 27, 2007
To: racked complaints dept.
Subject: Me and Ro

Hi, just a little FYI for your readers: Don’t try finding rich hippie jewelry store Me&Ro’s New York City location by calling 411. Also don't look for it at 407 Broome Street, where it isn't. Directory assistance only offers up 2 addresses: the defunct 407 Broome Street and the corporate office 500 Broadway. No one at the actual location, 241 Elizabeth Street, (found by calling and asking the operator at the corporate location) had any good explanation. Is it asking too much if they could make contacting the store the easy part of buying a custom pair of gold $460 earrings? Oh, yeah, the number: (917) 237-9215.