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It's Last Minute Halloween Costume Shopping Time

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There's only a few days left before Halloween, so if you're the type who dresses up and you haven't started thinking about your costume, well, it's about time to. If for some reason Ricky’s is not meeting your Halloween needs, consider two alternatives around the NoHo neighborhood. Spirit Halloween is new to the area, temporarily assuming the space that formerly belonged to the Tower Records’ DVD store at the southwest corner of Lafayette and Fourth Streets. They offer a wide spectrum of stock Halloween accoutrement, from strobe lights and fake blood to various wigs and the usual costumes. They also play Thriller a lot. A little farther north is an enormous Halloween Adventure, a neighborhood mainstay that sells costume wear year round. With two full floors of categorized costumes, you’re bound to find something for this weekend’s parties. The staff is helpful, there is a coded map to facilitate easier shopping, and they have extended hours all week. In the event you don’t make it here for Halloween, you can pop in any time throughout the year for a Motherfucker or theme party outfit.
· Toys "R" Us Popping Up In Old Tower Records Space [Racked]


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