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Now Open Special: Best Buy CPW Rolls Out the Blue Carpet

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Best Buy at 15 Central Park West threw open its doors this morning to an electronics-crazed crowd of roughly 50. It's the first of the retail outfits to open at 15 CPW (backstory on the development here) and at this moment probably the only place in Manhattan to get a Wii. A special correspondent braved the blue this AM, brought back the Grand Opening photo porn you see here and had this to say: "At it's grand opening at 15 Central Park West, Best Buy rolled out its blue carpet today for a line of customers waiting to stock up on memory cards. The big-box electronic retailer is the first to open its doors in the luxury condo's retail level. Aside from having more square footage (and a third floor) than it's flagship location on West 23rd Street, the store has a hands-on experience center on the first floor where customers can play with the latest gadgets. According to a company employee, it's the first for the national chain."

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