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MarcPacking District: Jacobs' West 4th St. Takeover Continues

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Now that every other self-ascribed American "luxury" brand has discovered Bleecker Street, Marc Jacobs, the original pioneer in Magnolia Bakery land, has realized he needs to take a small step east. This time, he's protecting his real estate stock.

Rumor has it the new boutique at the northeast intersection of West 4th at Bank, slated to open next month, is just the beginning of an all-out avenue takeover.

He has already lined up the former Apartment Living space caddy corner to the boutique, and while negotiating deals on other properties on the street, is preventing all of them from being rented or purchased by other retailers. The master plan is to accrue as much real estate as possible so he can flip the company within the next two years. Expect the merch to be licensed material, including one shop devoted to the bambini.

In hypothetical future news, Coach is said to be looking at space on West 4th ... in vain!
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