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Coach Upgrades to Business Class

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We've already given some first impressions of the new Coach Legacy Store at 372-374 Bleecker Street, but that was just the potatoes. Now it's time for the meat. Head back inside with us, won't you, and have a look at just what we're dealing with here.

And away we go, field notes style.

Strategy: Coach's bid at la luxe on Bleecker, the first Legacy outpost, occupies adjacent cozy storefronts in the quaint shopping mall known as the West Village. High end? Y.

Goods: Limited re-editions of wallets from the 1960s ($250+; #1); ostrich jewelry cases overflowing with newfangled bangles and baubles (#2); Python carrier ($20,000; #3); Legacy-only scarves and sweaters (#4); In general, lots of baggage with chunky hardware (#5). No C-covered product here, oh no. That's totally not Legacy.

Overall Impression: Nice space, colorful, clean. Maybe a little too shiny and new. Lacking in the charm/character department, which is just about right as far as Coach is concerned. Practical. Stylish with a generic overtone. A few eye-catching numbers on hand. Smaller space makes you feel like you're in a hotel instead of a mall.

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