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Practically Confirmed: John Varvatos Moving Into CBGB Space

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The times, they certainly are a-changing. Nowhere is this better evidenced than on the Bowery, which is now home to a gourmet grocery store, a boutique hotel and soon, fancy shops and restaurants. A few days ago, we brought you cringe-inducing photos of the stripped interior of legendary music club CBGB. The demolition taking place inside the space means only one thing: that 313-315 Bowery is being prepped for a new tenant. Who would dare take up residence in such a hallowed locale? Signs are pointing to talented designer John Varvatos. Known for his menswear, Varvatos has long been a fan of musicians and the rock scene (Alice Cooper is the face of his latest ad campaign). So maybe, on some planet, this all makes sense. When queried as to Varvatos's interest in the space, the designer's PR team had this response: "Corporately we are not in the position to speak about our plans at this point in time. Please be in touch with us in one month—mid-November." What a curious answer. It's not a confirmation...but it's not a denial, either. Developing, obvs.
UPDATE: The Post has confirmed the news.
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