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Now (Almost) Open: Papabubble

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The long wait for famed Barcelona-based candy shop Papabubble is almost over. The Storecasting vet, whose sweet shops can be found in Barcelona, Amesterdam and Tokyo, is opening the doors to its very first stateside store in Nolita tomorrow. For those unfamiliar with the company, all this buzz about the place is due to owners Christopher King and Nigel Chouri's artisanal approach to producing hard candy. As Lisa Abend of the Times writes: "...Mr. King and Mr. Chouri make sweets the old-fashioned way, pouring boiling sugar onto the white marble slab, adding the finest oils of fruit and spice they can find, pulling the molten mass until it changes color and then cutting it, mainly by hand. The result is an electric-colored candy shaped in small logs and rounds that bursts with intense flavors like a fiery cinnamon or a tart lime." For more on the candy shop, click through to Cutlets, who has a snazzy pic of the interior, or visit their website.