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BREAKING: Inside the CBGB Demolition

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When we got word yesterday that demolition was underway in the long-dormant space that for decades served as home to legendary Bowery music venue CBGB, we headed straight over. What we found makes us glad Hilly Krystal isn't here to see it himself: debris everywhere, as the remaining traces of the old CBGB are wiped from the city. The people at the site couldn't tell us what's coming next in the space (there's a Chase opening next door, and a Starbucks nearby, so we'll have to put our money on a Duane Reade), but they are handing out old CBGB decals, which is a nice touch.

The view from the doorway. Punk is, indeed. dead.

On the left wall, a remaining trace of the old days. Elsewhere: debris!

Destruction along the right side of the venue. The old stairwell down is at far right.

Permission to destroy nostalgia granted on October 5, 2007. A moment of silence, please.

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