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Storecasting: See you in a While, Crocodile?

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No longer Tennessee Mountain Rib Restaurant, behold the future home of Crocs Soho.

Love em or hate em, shoe company Crocs is planning on opening two freestanding stores in New York this winter: one at 270 Columbus Ave between 72nd and 73rd Streets and the other at 143 Spring Street at Wooster Street. The Upper West Side is scheduled to get their floppy footwear next month, while the Soho store is supposedly opening in December. The Spring Street location has been "coming soon" for months now, and it seems that construction there is at a total standstill: peer past the wilting Crocs sign in the window and you'll see bare-bones plywood inside. However, a call to the contractor refuted our delay speculations. The new store floor is going in at the end of October, and Crocs will be set up and selling by their December target. So the Crocs store does not have a case of cold feet, though we can’t say the same for your toes in them this winter. Don’t they freeze with all those holes in the shoe?
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