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StarFork (NorthBucks?) Now Open For Business

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The Starbucks/North Fork hybrid that was announced a month ago is now open at 220 East 42nd Street for all your banking and caffeinating needs. Well, from the photo, it looks like the bank is open and the Starbucks is almost ready for business. A tipster who sent the pic writes: "What happens when you run out of street corners to put either a bank or a starbucks? You put them together of course! Spotted this on 42nd and 2nd Ave—the outside corner of the old Daily News Building. The space had been vacant for around 3 years before this finally just opened over the weekend. Oh, and just to be ABSOLUTELY clear—they're not two separate stores next door—they share the SAME space. I wonder if the bank tellers have to use their own coffee machine or if they can just fill up from the SB's?" Forget banks, though: Customers could really use a cup of coffee while waiting in line at Duane Reade. Perhaps another collaboration is in order?
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