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Halloween A Windfall For Ricky's, A Minefield For Consumers

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With Halloween only two and a half weeks away, we'd be remiss in not bringing two holiday-themed items to your attention. The first is the not-so-surprising revelation that there's lots of money to be made in fake vampire teeth, candy-colored wigs and slutty bar wench outfits—just look to beauty supply store Ricky's. The retailer, who opens temporary Halloween stores every fall, earns a fifth of their sales with holiday apparel. This year, there are sixteen Ricky's Halloween pop-ups, and we're sure there will be more next year. The second pertains to costume choices. Citysearch's Fashion Geek blog has some advice for those planning couples costumes, which are, in their words, "a blight on this sacred holiday." The key here, per the Geek, is to pick get ups that are ironic, not cutesy. As for singles, we assume that slutty outfits are still de rigeur for the ladies and pretty much anything goes for men.
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